Strategy-driven market research

Aurum Research specializes in healthcare market research

Data-driven consulting

We offer you our expertise which is based on many years’ experience of more than 300 studies with healthcare professionals and patients. Aurum Research conducts studies of ethical medicines, covering the whole product life cycle. Our research areas include over the counter (OTC) medicines, food supplements, medical technology, and other life science sectors

We aim to provide you with a reliable basis for decision-making in marketing and sales. Both internationally as well as for the German market, we employ the complete range of methods used in pharmaceutical market research:

Qualitative research to acquire in-depth insights into every therapy area and target group (physicians, pharmacists, patients, healthcare professionals)

Quantitative projects with large sample sizes, thereby providing a sound basis for your assessments of market potential.

Based in Nuremberg, Aurum has a worldwide network of partners and service providers. We collaborate with dedicated experts in their respective areas, thereby ensuring that the optimal set of resources is used for your project. We offer a complete service, ranging from study design to fieldwork and the presentation of results. Aurum Research is a partner of the Dr. Erkens Consulting Group and a co-founder of Spektrum Academy.

The Dr. Erkens Consulting Group is an experienced international consulting and management agency in the areas of healthcare, medicine, pharma, medtech and life sciences which specializes in the interconnected areas of Strategy | Consulting, Management | Leadership, Marketing | Sales, Communication | Education and Analyses | Market Research.

Based on sound analyses, the Dr. Erkens Consulting Group develops strategies, generates recommendations for action, assumes management tasks, actively controls and accompanies processes and projects, and then implements them.

As part of our close collaboration, we synergistically use the strengths, skills, and experience of these two independent companies to jointly offer our clients the best possible solution. From our point of view, this is the best way to bundle competencies – better than trying to do everything from a single source, which can then only be half-hearted.

Nevertheless, it is important to us that our clients should only have one main contact person at senior level.

This close and longstanding collaboration within and beyond the context of market research projects offers our clients sustainable added value through the combination of market research and business strategy expertise:

  • More efficient anticipation and direct individual integration of customer needs in market research projects through the combination of in-depth market research knowledge and experience as well as extensive market knowledge and strategic marketing and sales know-how
  • Fewer interface problems in the conception, organization and evaluation of market research studies. We understand and speak both languages, i.e. market research and marketing/sales
  • Strategic advice when planning market research studies: What are the relevant KPIs and outcomes for business management or marketing/sales?
  • In-depth strategic recommendations and options for action through strategically oriented data analysis and executive summaries
  • An opportunity beyond market research for further strategic advice, support with forecast and business planning, development of marketing and sales conception, product and brand communication
  • Support with the implementation of marketing and sales strategies

Market research / analysis → strategy → implementation from a single source without loss of knowledge, time, or money


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